Links 2/13/15

Links for you. Science:

There’s No Plague on the NYC Subway. No Platypuses Either. (Platypus Conquistador!)
Metagenomics best hit analysis: caveat emptor
The monarch massacre: Nearly a billion butterflies have vanished
Overspending on Overhead: Federal research dollars are needlessly wasted as scientists spend more and more of their time trying to recoup operational costs.
Does Scott Walker believe in evolution? He’s ‘going to punt on that one’ (not surprising…)


Iggy Azalea Gets Away With Reverse Minstrelsy Because There’s a Market for It
The MBTA Must Embrace Data!
The sharp and sweeping rise of racial segregation in 20th century America
Outmoded T trains no match for winter’s fury
The Ambitions Driving the Ukraine Consensus: If we’re going to risk armed conflict with Moscow, the underlying causes ought to be grander than Michele Flournoy’s job aspirations.
One year later, has Michael Sam been frozen out of the NFL? (yes, there are quite a few unaccountable social conservatives in leadership positions of the NFL)
Would a Boston Olympics Fix the T?
Maryland is #4 in the nation in transit ridership
Hobby Lobby 2: Inside Republicans’ Plan to Kill America’s Most Effective Anti-Teen-Pregnancy Program. An innovative program has reduced the abortion rate and saved a state millions. Here’s why it’s doomed.
Lower the Drinking Age to 19
D.C.’s Population Growth Is Slowing. This Is Who’s Coming and Going.
When ISIS Ran the American South
Why Are So Many Americans in Prison?
US Healthcare Is So Screwed I Fly to Britain for My Medication
True Blue: Dean Smith’s political approach to being a coach is missed now more than ever.
Geithner: “The End of Capitalism as We Know It”
Study shows US liberals think WEIRD (in a good way)
Here’s what happened when we invited one of our most scathing commenters to our Don’t Be Awful event

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