Possible Fare Hikes on the D.C. Metro

Though given the alternative of even worse service on the weekends and evenings, I’m willing to pay around $4 per month more if there’s no alternative* (boldface mine):

Among the changes under consideration is a 10-cent hike in Metrorail and Metrobus fares this fall—an unusual move, since Metro generally raises fares every other year, and this year wasn’t supposed to see any increase. Metro estimates that fare increase could raise about $22 million dollars in fiscal year 2016, despite the anticipated loss of two million rides.

Metro is also considering a reduction in train frequency, from every six minutes to every eight minutes during peak hours, from every 12 minutes to every 15 minutes during off-peak hours, and from every 15 minutes to every 20 minutes on Sundays. Even though that change would cut fare revenue by $11 million annually, it would still net Metro about $13 million per year.

Probably not a good week to be asking for this though….

*Does firing the entire Metro board if they don’t ride it on a regular basis count as an alternative? Asking for a friend.

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2 Responses to Possible Fare Hikes on the D.C. Metro

  1. Never underestimate the ability of public transportation to lose money. Raising it .10 will not make much of a difference either way.

  2. vickie says:

    Love you. Furious with DC Metro–just went from Hyattsville to Dupont Circle and back on a Saturday evening–24 minute wait on the Green line–return trip home took 90 minutes mid-evening. So why should I not drive? Then the safety issue. I’m a yellow line rider 5 days a week and knew someone who died in the 2009 Metro accident. How can any of us trust Metro when repeatedly they promise a higher standard of safety and routinely fail?

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