Poverty Might Just Have Something to Do With Being Poor

Like my Uncle Harry used to say, “Rich or poor, it’s always good to have money.” Or we could just blame poor parents for being ‘bad’ parents (boldface mine):

Poorer parents are just as involved in education, leisure, and sports activities with their children as better-off parents, a new study has found.

Dr Esther Dermott and Marco Pomati analysed survey data on 1,665 UK households and found that poorer parents were as likely to have helped with homework, attended parents’ evenings, and played sports or games with their children in the previous week.

Dr Dermott, of the University of Bristol, and Mr Pomati, Cardiff University, say they found no evidence of a group of poor parents who failed their children.

“Those with lower incomes or who felt poor were as likely to engage in all of the good parent-child activities as everyone else,” they say in an article published online in the journal Sociology.

“The findings support the view that associations made between low levels of education, poverty and poor parenting are ideologically driven rather than based on empirical evidence. Claims that families who are poor or are less well educated do not engage in high profile good parenting practices are misplaced.” They found no evidence of a group of parents who failed to participate in parent-child activities, they say.

“This is potentially important since recent political discourse has not only promoted the idea that poor parenting exists but also emphasised the existence of a group of parents who persistently fail to engage in parenting activities that are beneficial for their children.”

Ideologically motivated is the polite way of putting it ([cough] Bell Curve [cough]).

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3 Responses to Poverty Might Just Have Something to Do With Being Poor

  1. anthrosciguy says:

    The only time we hear about poor parenting skills among the rich it’s not couched that way, but rather as “affluenza”, an affliction designed to get a rich kid off criminal charges (murder in the latest such case). Affluenza, as described, sounds pretty much like bad parenting but is presented as being simply due to having so much money it makes life hard to deal with.

  2. rijkswaanvijand says:

    So there are only poor means for parenting. The level of education and afluence of parents surely influences the effectiveness of the help that can be provided. This -once again- emphasises the capitalist tendency to blame the victim. Mental rape culture.

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