Links 1/15/15

Links for you. Science:

The Most Amazing Hubble Image Ever (Synopsis)
Things People Say When You’re A Blond Female Engineer At MIT
How to do statistics
What do we expect of a space program? NASA represents a full 50% of the world’s expenditures on space science and exploration. What should we expect from it?
Each case of measles costs $33,000 – there were over 600 cases in 2014


Why Should It Take a Boston Olympic Bid to Fix the T?
Boston Olympics a terrible idea (“Alex, I’ll take Tourist Attractions for $2,000: Which venue outdrew Disney World, the Eiffel Tower and the Great Wall of China in visitors. What is Faneuil Hall Marketplace.”)
Shut Up Officer
Eminent domain use for possible Olympic site feared
‘Too Frail to Work, Too Poor to Retire’
Gas is only cheap because we haven’t raised taxes in 20 years
Where Are The Friedmans Of Yesteryear?
The Internet of Things You Should Not Do (“Another name for this ideal appliance is “Mom.” However, Moms may be voice activated, but Moms come with other features which are not so user-friendly, especially to the slovenly humans aged between 5 and 25, and there is no “off” switch.”)
California Bill AB 96 Proposes Strict Ban on Ivory Sales
Oscar Romero, Martyr; Lovers of Authoritarians, Nervous (once again, I’ll note that by Jesuit standards, the Pope is very tame)
Six on One
Not required
Mario Cuomo Gave Some Great Speeches. But What Did He Actually Accomplish? And why are progressives so easily seduced by words?
Fallen heroes
Touring the World

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