Links 1/14/15

Links for you. Science:

The not-quite-stated, awful truth
A Career in Science Will Cost You Your Firstborn
Common disease genomics by large-scale sequencing
What does Cambridge sewage say about residents? MIT plans to find out
23andMe’s New Formula: Patient Consent = $ (it’s not new–they’ve been telling people all along, albeit in the fine print)


Moral Clarity (excellent)
National Zoo’s Animals Really Like The Snow
Watch your step on #BeaconHill (the Great Dog Shit Wars of Beacon Hill roll on…)
We need to do nuance
This is what real “cyberwar” looks like
Most of America’s rich think the poor have it easy (classic rationalization of cognitive dissonance)
And the Winner of the ‘War On Terror’ Financed Dream Home 2014 Giveaway Is…
Here is convicted felon Dinesh D’Souza dancing instead of doing time in prison where he belongs
The trait all media owners need (Hint: Tech moguls like Omidyar, Hughes and Williams don’t have it)
Pay the artist
Did GOP’s Steve Scalise vote for KKK’s David Duke in 1991?
Someone Needs To Tell That Numbers Don’t Work Quite This Way
Five Reason Why Hosting The Olympics Is A Terrible Idea
Just Say No to a Boston Olympics
Oregon’s Players Should Be Celebrated, Not Punished for Chanting “No Means No!”

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  1. Robert L Bell says:

    Regarding 23andMe, there is no need for Genentech to pay one red penny on behalf of Parkinson’s Disease and its cause because we already know: Glyphosate. Glyphosate sprayed on RoundUp Ready corn and soybeans. Electrical Engineering and Computer Science PhD Seneff, senior scientist (in natural language processing) at MIT (where fools are allegedly not suffered gladly), has proven this (to the satisfaction of an army of gullible simpletons) by simple data dredging. She found a correlation (R > 0.99) between the incidence of the disease and the rate of application of RoundUp in the fields (far, far from where the people live). The same methodology proves that Glyphosate also causes Azlheimer’s Disease, autism, and cardiovascular disease (and G-d knows how many more): who would have thought that a simple herbicide would be the cause of so many of the world’s discontents (who besides a gang of fanatical anti GMO morons) decades and even centuries before it was invented?

    Such are the vagaries of entrepreneurial science.

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