No, The Postal Service Is Not DOOMED!

More stellar reporting from the Washington Post. Here’s a very foolish thing in a story about the U.S. Postal Service (‘USPS’; boldface mine):

But the Postal Service, which has lost billions of dollars each year since 2006, has shown no appetite for delays. Ninivaggi said the agency will begin its network rationalization program, estimated to save $750 million annually, on Jan. 10, as originally scheduled.

I’ve made this point many times, but this is not an operational problem. Congress saddled USPS with the unreasonable burden of having to meet 75 years of worker retirement benefits over a ten year period. That’s where the ‘losses’ come from, not the inability of USPS to deliver the mail efficiently. No business could meet this requirement*.

What worse is that the link in the story actually points out this very problem, but the story is written in such a way that one would think the exact opposite.

I realize a fair number of technobrats think the Postal Service is, like, so twentieth century, but it does serve a vital role that can’t be filled by the for-profit delivery companies (ironically, FedEx has launched a service where they deliver packages to a local post office, which then completes the delivery). While it would be great if USPS got into the banking business or served as a source of municipal wi-fi, we should start by removing the impossible burden the fucking morons in Congress placed on it.

And the congregation responds: This is yet another reason why we can’t have nice things.

*Perhaps Apple could with billions of excess cash.

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2 Responses to No, The Postal Service Is Not DOOMED!

  1. anthrosciguy says:

    Actually, the question of whether or not even Apple, with all that excess cash (much from scummy tax-avoidance schemes), could fund such a pension program would be an interesting one.

  2. albanaeon says:

    Glad the mention of USPS becoming an Internet Provider is being discussed. Yes the pension scheme inflicted on them is terrible, but the USPS has a lot to offer if we could get the corporate anarchists out of the way.

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