The Mad Biologist’s Most Popular Posts of 2015

In case you missed them (of course, since posts are on the front page in their entirety, this is really a measure of Twitter mentions. Anyway…). Top ten science-related posts:

P-Values and Power of Test: Why So Many Results Can’t Be Replicated
So This Is How We’re Going to Respond to the Killer Death Virus?
What Recreating the Spanish Flu Really Risks: Credibility
The Importance of Vaccines in One Figure
Something to Know About Texas Presbyterian Hospital
One Reason to Use a Pseudonym: The K3rning of the Grant
So What Did We Get For All of That Biopreparedness?
How Many Hertz Do These Computers Clock In At?
Scientific Writing Is Really Boring
Why Antibiotic Resistance Is a Worse Crisis Than Climate Change

Other stuff:

How Republican Craziness Is Undermining the South’s Massive Keynesian Stimulus
The Reality Gap: The Heartland Faith-Tank Edition
Milwaukee Is What the Religious Right Wants Our School System to Be
The ‘Scalito Five’ Are Right: Contraception Is Different From Most Healthcare
Thinking Like Rich People Does Not Make You Rich
“Smartness” and the Geithner Conundrum
Republican Rep. Paul Ryan Wants to Create Massive Government Bureaucracy
Nocera Gets It Half-Right: On the Freedom to Hunt Your Slaves
Next Time, Just Spit in the Food
The Math Behind Why Harvard and Other Universities Don’t Take Rape Seriously

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