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Building Museum

The National Building Museum in D.C. is a really neat building–and they usually have a couple of good exhibits as well. But the 75 foot (23 m) high pillars are worth the visit alone:

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The War Against Light Bulb Vigilantes Marches On!

Lest you thought that Republicans had given up defending us from the gay Marxian Hitlerist Stalinism of energy efficient light bulbs, don’t worry, they’re still Johnny on the spot (boldface mine): In the trillion-dollar budget deal Congressional leaders revealed Tuesday, … Continue reading

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Links 12/27/14

Links for you. Science: The Accidental Lobster Farmers What Yellowstone’s Thermal Springs looked like before humans contaminated them Climate Change Now: “Ticks Cover their Bodies Like Shingles on a Roof” (good, if icky) Inquiry in Anthrax Mailings Had Gaps, Report … Continue reading

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Even ISIL Has Beloved Idiot Nephews

Despite the horrific ideology and actions of the ISI (also known as Islamic State, ISIS, or ISIL), they can be just as corrupt as the rest of us infidels (boldface mine): If that seems like a great deal of work … Continue reading

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Protests Seem to Be Doing Something

According to Gallup, the Ferguson/Eric Garner protests seem to have affected public opinion: It remains to be seen how this will be translated into policy at the local, state, and federal levels. But that can’t happen without this issue becoming … Continue reading

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Links 12/26/14

Links for you. Science: Method and Its Discontents Authorship and acknowledgment of core facility work Walking fish raised on land mimic ancient evolutionary transition (amazing study) Mumps outbreak in the NHL The Menu Says “Snapper.” Really? DNA barcodes could keep … Continue reading

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A Ghostly Christmas

Observed on Corcoran Street, between 13th and 14th, Logan Circle:

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More on Our Decaying Suburban Hellholes and De Facto Racism

Or why we need Social Justice Zoning Commissions. While I’ve mentioned this before, it’s worth noting again that our suburbs are fundamentally unstable–if they do not change, they will become poorer and poorer (boldface mine): …the default setting of the … Continue reading

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Links 12/25/14

Gut Yontif to the Pontiff! Let’s celebrate with some links. Science: Dogs Not Great at Math (Wolves Are Better) The Cold-Medicine Racket: There are now hundreds of flashy “cold and flu” products, but still only a handful of simple, cheap … Continue reading

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Christmas on 16th Street

So near Dupont Circle (D.C.), there’s this crazy house on 16th Street, just past R Street. They really like Christmas, they really do: Peace: Friends:

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