One Way to Guarantee All of Your Graduates Will Attend College

Get rid of the ones who can’t. I’ve written before about the charter school scam: how charters wind up with far fewer learning disabled and English-as-a-second language students, and then they have very high expulsion rates. It’s easy to claim many of your students perform well when the poor performers are forced out, but this charter school in Houston, Texas, takes the cake:

The best secret of YES Prep “success” is no secret at all, for it is in the YES Prep student handbooks. And since the December 2014 Forbes article with Penner features YES Prep North Central, let us consider the YES Prep North Central Student Handbook, pages 4 and 5:

High School Advanced Coursework Requirement

Every YES Prep student, unless exempt from such requirements by the student’s ARD (Admission Review Dismissal) committee, must take and pass at least one Advanced Placement or dual-credit course for high school credit in order to be eligible to receive his/her high school diploma.

College Acceptance Requirement

A student must be accepted to at least one four-year college or university in order to be eligible for a YES Prep high school diploma, unless exempt from such requirements by the student’s Admission Review Dismissal (ARD)committee.

There it is: YES Prep is not the Forbes-declared “right school” because it creates students who are “college material”; YES Prep is the “right school” because it intentionally weeds out students who would tarnish its “100 percent college acceptance” image.

This is the definition of circular logic: all of our graduates attend college because we won’t grant them a diploma if they aren’t accepted into a college.

People this dishonest have no business being around children on a daily basis.

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  2. Corn Chip says:

    This is SOP for the large NYC charter networks like Uncommon, AF, KIPP and Success, btw. I used to work for one, diplomas were contingent on college acceptance.

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