Citizenship, Not Partisanship

My heart goes out to those suffering in MS and LA. I don’t care if they are ‘red-voters’ or ‘blue-voters’, white or black, rich or poor. They all need our help (and, again, if you haven’t donated, the Red Cross is a good place to send money). Nonetheless, in the days ahead, those of us not fighting for our survival have the duty and obligation to ask if anything else could have been done, if adequate preparations were made, and if adequate resources were available.

This is not partisanship, this is called citizenship. I bring this up because I am certain of only one thing regarding the Bush Administration: they will attempt to exploit this tragedy for partisan political gain, regardless of the human cost. Given all the lies and deceit this Administration has engaged in, there is nothing in its previous behavior that leads me to think otherwise.

All but the most drink-the-Kool-Aid, Grover Nordquist conserva-zombie would agree the one of the basic functions of government is to aid those in need due to natural catastrophe. If the government, local, state, and federal government responses are well done, then certain politicians deserve credit. If not, then blame.

Sadly, and tragically, it already looks like there will be some blame to go around.

Update (9:40pm): According to WWLTV (CBS-New Orleans), the scheduled airdrop of 3,000 lb sandbags that was supposed to seal the levee breaches never materalized. According to New Orleans Mayor Nagin, “Too many chiefs calling the shots.” I’m not going to comment prematurely, but this is not auspicious. New Orleans, at this point, needs every break it can get, not foul-ups.

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