Links 12/12/14

Links for you. Science:

Melting Glaciers Threaten Rare Insect Found Only In Glacier National Park
Extensive Error in the Number of Genes Inferred from Draft Genome Assemblies
We May Have Reached The ‘Apocalyptic Scenario’ With Antibiotics
The Flu Vaccine: of Flubbing and Drubbing
The Galapagos might lose some of their best researchers, and they’re blaming the gift shop


Being a cop showed me just how racist and violent the police are. There’s only one fix. (must-read)
The Poverty Trap: Slack, Not Grit, Creates Achievement (excellent)
As Ebola Rages, Poor Planning Thwarts Efforts
Loose Cigarettes Today, Civil Unrest Tomorrow: The racist, classist origins of broken windows policing
The Police in America Are Becoming Illegitimate
We Don’t Just Need Nicer Cops. We Need Fewer Cops. Here’s what we actually know about proposed police reforms.
In Los Angeles, a Nimby Battle Pits Millionaires vs. Billionaires (tax all the fuckers)
Americans So Broke They Can’t Take Their Kids to Movies This Holiday Season: When the economy breaks down, American culture fragments, too
Now they’re trying to steal 2016: The demented GOP schemes to rewire the Electoral College and elect a Tea Party president
Senator Jay Rockefeller singlehandedly kills Freedom of Information Act reform
White House Commission May End Up Training More Cops to Use Military Weapons: A national expert on abusive policing sees Obama making matters worse
Google Me and Get an Ad for TFA (bizarre)

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  1. Skeptuckian says:

    It is sad state when an article on antibiotic resistance (above) doesn’t use the words evolve or evolution but instead uses the euphemism “genetically outsmarted us.”

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