What Will We Tell the Children?

Remember back during the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal–one involving consensual sex between adults–when people, faced with the specter of explaining what a presidential blow job was, would caterwaul about how do we explain this to our kids?

Well, how do adults, especially those who supported torture, plan to explain rectal hydration–shoving liquid food up someone’s ass against his will in order to force compliance–to their children?

Because there’s no such thing as age-appropriate torture.

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1 Response to What Will We Tell the Children?

  1. JaniceInToronto says:

    The U.S. is a society in decline. The report is just another bullet in the head.
    Remember when NSA spying was all the rage? Nothing happened there either.
    Nothing will happen to the CIA, the torturers, or the people who ordered them to torture.


    Everyone will get away with it, because USA! USA! USA!

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