Links 12/10/14

Links for you. Science:

Is my NGS library any good? (the boldface red paragraph–I love this, and lived this with collaborators…)
Nature’s fauxpen access leaves me very sad and very angry.
Is The Food Babe A Fearmonger? Scientists Are Speaking Out
Bugs in Manhattan Compete With Rats for Food Refuse
‘Superbugs’ Kill India’s Babies and Pose an Overseas Threat


Even-the-liberal New Republic (this is the must-read piece about the changes at The New Republic; ignore everything else)
Huh? (excellent)
In Light of Eric Garner
The Regents Have a Charter School Problem: Why Did They Grant Charters to Grossly Inadequate Applicants? Fumbling or Politics? The Public Deserves Answers
John Kerry’s sad legacy
When Rape Allegations Are in Doubt
Tech Moguls and the TNR Meltdown
Rolling Stone just wrecked an incredible year of progress for rape victims
Page: How I sanitized the feminist outrage over the Montreal massacre (David Frum’s mother–he comes by being an asshole honestly, I suppose)
The real war on Christmas
This is Still Bugging Me
Serpico: Incidents like Eric Garner’s death drive wedge between police and society
Dear Village Gasbags Crying Over the New Republic’s Still Quivering Corpse
What a housekeeper at Harvard’s hotel tells us about inequality

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2 Responses to Links 12/10/14

  1. robertwaldmann says:

    huh ! (thank you)

  2. Janice Flahiff says:

    Thanks for the Nature’s faux pen link. Am going to email this to select colleagues at the university library system where I work. Earlier this week I re-posted (at our library blog) a rather glowing news item about Nature’s “partial open access”. This faux pen article really gave me pause.
    Ah, the older I get I am turning more and more into a socialist. It seems we are only shooting ourselves in the foot, so to speak, by collectively accepting a high price on information, including scientific information.

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