Links 11/20/14

Links for you. Science:

Current data show no signal of Ebola virus adapting to humans
Personhood Week: Conception Is a Process
Bed Bugs Won’t Give You Chagas Disease (probably)
In search of the starfish killer: the quest to save the original keystone species
Rush Holt, physicist and congressman, to lead AAAS


Joni Ernst’s Iowa Dystopia (excellent)
Dismayingly Dawkins
Art Burn: Just how much public input should there be in public art? (oddly enough, people in lower-income neighborhoods aren’t huge fans of ‘challenging’ art when they’re leading ‘challenging’ lives….)
Stop calling me ‘the Ebola nurse’: I never had Ebola, and politicians who lie do nothing to protect your health (absolute must-read)
No More Backroom Deals (amazing what happens when unions decide to fight; related posts here)
A Pundit Explains What’s Wrong With Washington
Blame Uncle Sam for congestion on your commute
What Cops Are Really Thinking When a Woman Claims She Was Raped
Hillary Clinton’s “Connection” to White Voters: What Could It Possibly Be?
Isn’t It About Time to Ask Republicans to Start Acting Like Adults?
Aaron Swartz was no criminal
The moment I learned just how far Uber will go to silence journalists and attack women
Cost to Treat Ebola: $1 Million For Two Patients
How Farming Almost Destroyed Ancient Human Civilization

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