Links 11/15/14

Links for you. Science:

Contamination plagues some microbiome studies
The Scary, Synthetic, and All-Too-Secret Ingredients of Dietary Supplements (terrifying)
Curt Schilling Has Disproved Evolution (was a great pitcher, pretty much an asshole in every other way)
New requirement for scientists: You cannot be a sexist pigdog (though this is ultimately an institutional failure, not an individual one)
John Postgate obituary: Microbiologist whose research contributed to the production of vital chemicals for use in industry and agriculture


The Labors of Leisure (excellent)
There Is No Rise of Republican Pragmatists
Growing up in a poor neighborhood can hold you back in life — even if your parents aren’t poor
Breaking the Law and Not Giving a Shit
Photos: Smithsonian’s Plan For South Mall Includes Castle Revitalization, Garden Expansion
Boston Is Already Saying ‘Hell No’ to the 2024 Olympics (I love Boston, but hosting the Olympics is fucking stupid)
My Last Words to George W. Bush and Dick Cheney
I’m not taking career advice from old white dudes anymore (about academia)
What will happen if SCOTUS strikes down Obamacare federal subsidies?
Environmentalists can claim victory even if they lose on Keystone (sounds kinda Pyrrhic though)
Democrats Might Vote This Year to Approve the Keystone Pipeline. That Would Be Insanely Dumb.
Here’s Mayor-Elect Bowser’s Transition Plan
Congressman From Goldman Sachs Vying to Lead Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (it’s like they’re trying to lose)
Will Obamacare separate Scalia from his principles?
Worst Person in the World Even Worse
Lawmakers Could Finally Equalize Benefits for Transit and Parking This Year

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