Will Democratic Political Operatives Ever Look in the Mirror?

Of course not. I write this Tuesday evening, with the expectation that Democrats are going to take a pounding. There will be the usual recriminations, with the Democratic professional political class blaming everyone but themselves. They will blame everyone and everything except the campaigns they ran and the political advice they gave to sitting office holders.

Because it’s never occurred to these assholes that you actually have to earn people’s votes. The de facto slogan of “Democrats, we don’t suck as bad as Republicans” just isn’t cutting it. The demonizing a significant fraction of the base–teachers, and their friends and relatives didn’t help either. Perhaps policies and speeches (language does matter) that don’t demotivate the base are in order.

Or maybe, as they always do, they’ll just blame the Dirty Fucking Hippies instead.

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3 Responses to Will Democratic Political Operatives Ever Look in the Mirror?

  1. Auburn Parks says:

    The sad part is that this line:

    “you actually have to earn people’s votes. ”

    only applies to Dems

    Cons politicians can repeatedly not deliver anything of value to their base voters and the boobs will still vote for them.

  2. Sam Robinson says:

    You know what, Mike? You are not the base of the Democratic Party. You are a part of the Democratic coalition – which is quite a bit broader than the Republican coalition for reasons that you are probably smart enough to figure out if you would just take a moment away from complaining to think about it – and the fact that you don’t get everything you want all the time with a unicorn on top is hardly evidence that the party is not working for the coalition. I don’t get everything I want either, but I am savvy enough to recognize that Republican administrations are so toxic that even the worst Democratic administration would be preferable – and let us be clear that Obama is no where near the worst conceivable. If that constitutes hippie punching, then the old adage is true: if you are comfortable with everyone inside your coalition, it’s too small.

  3. Gingerbaker says:

    Right on, Mike.

    The republicans are fielding clowns. Complete carnival clowns. And the Dems can’t beat them? It seems no one – not a single person – in upper echelons knows how to develop campaign issues, or how to use rhetoric anymore.

    The Dem’s political advisors should all be taken to an abandoned pit and eliminated. Call me paranoid, but I actually believe these people are moles – double agents.

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