Links 11/5/14

Links for you. Science:

Fountain of youth: A congressman’s plan to make NIH grantees younger
4-Acre Spider Web Engulfs Building
Algal virus found in humans, slows brain activity
Research Suggests That Psychiatric Interventions Like Admission to a Mental Facility Could Increase Suicide Risk: A major study identifying the highest risk factors for suicide we’ve ever found has been barely discussed (since extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, more replication is probably needed)
Ebola Tests Fast Tracked By FDA


The War Nerd: Crunching numbers on Kobane (excellent)
Fighting Ebola in Sierra Leone: ‘The world is not safe’
Mo’ Money, Mo’ Money, Mo’ Money
No evidence feds hacked Attkisson
About that dad’s social media discipline: Sometimes it ain’t that deep
The Progressive Paradox
This Is Your Brain on Drugs
Here’s one more reason not to use your iPhone’s fingerprint scanner
Never Mind Then
The heritability red herring
I Was Too Poor for an Abortion
Mike Adams and NY Post promote more hysteria over Ebola
The Myth of Chinese Super Schools
Karen Lewis won’t be Chicago’s mayor – and that’s America’s loss
#GamerGate’s scary plan to wipe Gawker Media from the face of the Earth
They Call Me Doctor Berry

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  1. onkelbob says:

    Re: No evidence feds hacked Attkisson
    It’s what I said yesterday. The woman has an agenda, she wants to sell books. The blithering idiocy she put forth as evidence is only evident to those who are not blithering idiots. Since her target audience for the book are blithering idiots, no harm comes from her putting out that technobabble.

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