Links 10/18/14

Links for you. Science:

Why Orange Juice Tastes Disgusting After You Brush Your Teeth
How to Quarantine Against Ebola
Can Limited Scientific Value of Potential Pandemic Pathogen Experiments Justify the Risks?
NIH Ebola Update: Working Toward Treatments and Vaccines
Nurses Outraged by Blame Game


MaxSpeak vs. Lawyers, Guns, and Money (must-read)
Why Government Spends More Per Pupil at Elite Private Universities than at Public Universities
Our failing war against the Islamic State
The Cost of D.C. Council’s Power Over Contracts
Pulling Up The Ladder
The Worst Thing Ever (Lewis would have made education policy part of the political discussion)
Abortion isn’t about the right to privacy. It’s about women’s right to equality
Polio on the Rise Again in Pakistan, Officials Say
Bernie Sanders vs. the billionaires: Why Vermont’s socialist senator may run for president
Abortion Is Great: A new book argues that the left needs to stop the “awfulization” of abortion and embrace it as a social good.
Reza Aslan on What the New Atheists Get Wrong About Islam
This Man’s Simple System Could Transform American Medicine
Did the Pro-Life Movement Lead to More Single Moms? A legacy conservatives have not grappled with.

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    • Bayesian Bouffant, FCD says:

      This is the thing — it’s not that you can interpret away problematic parts of a scripture. It’s that the scriptures are inundated with conflicting sentiments about almost every subject. In other words, the same Torah that tells Jews to love their neighbor also tells them to kill every single man, woman, and child who doesn’t worship Yahweh. The same Jesus who told his disciples to give away their cloaks to the needy also told them to sell their cloaks and buy swords. The same Quran that tells believers if you kill a single individual, it’s as though you’ve killed all of humanity, also tells them to slay every idolater wherever you find them.

      This is his defense of religion and religious texts?

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