Olympian Class Warfare

The Norwegian people decided that these demands by the International Olympic Committee were not worth the ‘privilege’ of hosting the Winter Olypmics (boldface mine):

  • They demand to meet the king prior to the opening ceremony. Afterwards, there shall be a cocktail reception. Drinks shall be paid for by the Royal Palace or the local organizing committee.
  • Separate lanes should be created on all roads where IOC members will travel, which are not to be used by regular people or public transportation.
  • A welcome greeting from the local Olympic boss and the hotel manager should be presented in IOC members’ rooms, along with fruit and cakes of the season. (Seasonal fruit in Oslo in February is a challenge …)
  • The hotel bar at their hotel should extend its hours “extra late” and the minibars must stock Coke products.
  • The IOC president shall be welcomed ceremoniously on the runway when he arrives.
  • The IOC members should have separate entrances and exits to and from the airport.
  • During the opening and closing ceremonies a fully stocked bar shall be available. During competition days, wine and beer will do at the stadium lounge.
  • IOC members shall be greeted with a smile when arriving at their hotel.
  • Meeting rooms shall be kept at exactly 20 degrees Celsius at all times.
  • The hot food offered in the lounges at venues should be replaced at regular intervals, as IOC members might “risk” having to eat several meals at the same lounge during the Olympics.

Faster, higher, farther, grifter. It also just goes to show that there’s nothing noble about nobles.

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4 Responses to Olympian Class Warfare

  1. techno says:

    Just remember, Norway is the country that hosted, by FAR, the best winters games in history (Lillehammar 1994). Imagine jerking hosts like that around.

  2. Ryan says:

    John Oliver covered this pretty well on his show a couple weeks ago…

  3. dr2chase says:

    Ha Ha, fuck those fucking fucks. Suck it, IOC assholes.

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