Fever Swamps of the Wingnut Mind: The North Carolina Edition

So we read this about the Great State of North Carolina:

At Chatham Industrial Supply, a hardware store here, its owner, Richard Kernodle, grumbled recently about what he called the “liberal artists” who have moved to this city of 8,100 — opening galleries, throwing pottery and generally bringing the kind of lifestyle and politics one might expect 45 minutes away in the progressive college town of Chapel Hill.

Your typical hippie punching. Here’s one item from the list of particulars:

Mr. Kernodle, 56, said that some of the newcomers wanted to paint murals on downtown buildings without securing the proper permits.

Agreed. You shouldn’t do that. Second complaint:

They want gay rights taught in the schools.

Are we on the way to the crazy train? Let’s find out!

And he has heard a rumor that some of them tend their gardens in the nude.

I do not understand how anyone credibly believes such nonsense. At this point, conservatism should not be thought of as an ideology, but as a mass communicable psychotic break.

And the congregation responds: This is yet another reason why we can’t have nice things.

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5 Responses to Fever Swamps of the Wingnut Mind: The North Carolina Edition

  1. mskau says:

    This does put me in mind of a new plan for the rehabilitation of our more insane, secession-minded states: we can invade. CA, OR,WA, NY and CO can send legions of cultural settlers. Armies of Artists we’ll call it. Change them from the inside…oh never mind. I’m not sure this type of lynch mob mentality can ever be changed.

  2. Min says:

    But nude gardening in the light of the full moon enhances the fertility of the soil, according to the Naked Farmer’s Almanac. Besides, nude gardening is one of the nice things they have in North Carolina.

  3. RJ says:

    In a town of 8000, it would be trivial to verify if people are nude gardening. What he is saying, basically, is ‘the Jews drink the blood of Christian babies”.

  4. David says:

    Seagrove is just 30 miles away from Siler City, and has been a world-famous pottery center for hundreds of years.

  5. I can think of lots of arguments against nude gardening that have nothing to do with public decency (or lack thereof) or accidental wandering into goddess worship or whatever he’s worrying about. Exhibits A and B: mosquitoes (see: fever swanp) and poison ivy. But really, to each his/her own.

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