The Best Strategy to Achieve D.C. Statehood EVAH!

This week, the Senate held hearings about a bill to grant those of us who live in the District of Columbia the right to cast a meaningful vote in Congress (among other things). As you might imagine, when I saw Republican Senator Tom Coburn’s testimony yesterday, in which he described the bill as a waste of time since it wasn’t going anywhere, I thought “Well, if the Republican reaction to the ACA (Obamacare) is guide, we get to do this about forty more times.”

But I digress. This proposed political strategy cracks me up to no end:

New Columbia is a stupid name because NC is North Carolina. Call [it] Columbia (CL) and be done with it.

Now, if Democrats want to just troll Republicans, they should propose to call the state Reagan and dare then to vote against statehood.


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