Links 9/13/14

Links for you. Science:

‘Smart genes’ prove elusive: Study of more than 100,000 people finds three genetic variants for IQ — but their effects are maddeningly small.
Enterovirus 68: Talking Points
With genetic testing, I gave my parents the gift of divorce (after the FDA fiasco, it still amazes me–in a bad way–that the company’s culture ignored decades of accumulated public health experience in these kinds of things)
Hornless cattle makes case for gene editing and less restrictive regulations of GM animals
The Hyper Eyes of Hyperiids: How Some Shrimp-Like Creatures See Light in the Deep Sea


We All Have a Domestic Violence Problem: After the Ray Rice news has blown over, we’ll probably return to supporting famous men who hit women.
The Senate Will Hold a Hearing on D.C. Statehood
Is It Time For Yet Another War?
Are We Being Baited?
Is Nate Silver a little too excited about his model? (Does Silver believe that there’s ~14% chance Republicans could get to 55 seats? That’s nuts)
D.C. Area Housing Costs Are the Highest in America
Is the District affordable? Yes, relatively speaking, new research says (transportation is a killer)
A traffic engineer and a planner both study a closed freeway segment. Their conclusions are wildly different.
Wife-beating is not a private matter
Legacy Fail
Corporate Deadbeats: How Companies Get Rich Off Of Taxes
To fix the economy, let’s print money and mail it to everyone (ideally, Congress would spend money fixing all the broken stuff…Ok, money drop it is!)
Withering inspector general report criticizes D.C. parking and traffic ticketing

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