Links 9/12/14

Links for you. Science:

Why Elise Andrew is an exceptional self-made brand (read the comments on this one; the post is garbage)
Back To School: Your Letter to you Child’s Life Science Teacher
More deadly pathogens, toxins found improperly stored in NIH and FDA labs
Retraction appears for psychiatrist sought for arrest in alleged fraud scheme


That’s entertainment: Fox News as dystopian fiction for the old and afraid (must-read; Lance nails it)
Do You Really Want the Person Caring for Your Elderly Parent, Like Me, Paid Minimum Wage? (I wrote about this a couple of years ago)
Things to tweet on 9/11 even though you weren’t really there or directly affected (brilliant)
John Ogozolek Tells the Democratic Party to Buzz Off
Fatuous Pablum
The Fatal Flaw in American Foreign Policy
Why use of Native American nicknames is an obvious affront
You Can’t Unsee It: Washington Football Name and Quiet Acts of Resistance
A Climate of Unaccountability
At Market Basket, the Benevolent Boss Is Back. Should We Cheer?
Separate but equal
Why Are Most American Jews Not Idiots?
Cry for help
1950s: New York by Saul Leiter

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