Links 9/10/14

Links for you. Science:

New “Dreadnought” Dinosaur Most Complete Specimen of a Giant
Plunge in kindergartners’ vaccination rate worries health officials
The Rabbit Rift
What People Cured of Blindness See
Chicken Company Perdue Takes Big Steps to Reduce Antibiotic Use


Wolf Richter: Startup CEO (Unwittingly) Explains Biggest Problem in America’s Unemployment Crisis (very interesting)
Twitter Is Changing to Be More User-Friendly, and That’s Terrible
Fed Survey of Consumer Finances Shows Americans Are Well-Informed on Their Economic Well-Being
Best response to minimum wage increase opponents
Tony West’s Departure Ends Era of Pathetic Bank Settlements
Olympics in DC
How the Suburbs Got Poor
: Places that thrived in the era of two-parent families are struggling today.
U.S. Mail Cutting Rates to Win E-Commerce Business: FedEx, UPS Howl as USPS Lowers Certain Prices as Much as 58% (fine, let’s see how well they do if Congress were to force them to fund 75 years’ worth of retirement over a ten-year period)
Teach for America has faced criticism for years. Now it’s listening — and changing (if they add a year of training, increase the commitment time, and send them to areas where there are teacher shortages–instead of using them as union-busting scabs–this is all for the good)
Two Keys to Livability in Sweden — Good Suburban Buses and Slow Cars
Park Street Station, 1912
Time to end letter grades
I’m the jihadi who never was: Muslims can be conservative, even radical, and not be killers

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