Thank A Union

thank a union

You might want to read what this union supporter thought about workers, by the way.

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  1. Potnia Theron says:

    I am remembering my grandmother who went to work in a cigar factory when she was 8 years old. Before she died she said to me & my mother that she didn’t need gold and diamonds because we were the jewels she wore.

  2. I will also thank my unionized teachers, police, firefighters and municipal trash folks for the ridiculous property taxes I pay so that they can live better, and net more money and fatter retirement largesse, than I do for more-than-comparable work. Thanks!

    • dr2chase says:

      “Still, unfunded liabilities increased as state government grew. In 1996, the contribution rate of SERS plans increased to nine percent for the first $30,000 and 11 percent on the rest of income. At the same time, state police officers began contributing 12 percent on their first $30,000 of salary, and 14 percent on the remaining income. This same year, the contributions rates for the MTRS increased for all Group 1 employees to its current 11 percent on all salary.”

      from “Public Pensions in Massachusetts: The True Cost”, The Beacon Hill Institute.
      They’re not optimistic about the growth assumptions made for the future, but 11% is not chickenfeed.

    • Gavolt says:

      Your job sounds really crappy. Maybe you can negotiate some better compensation/working conditions with your employer. And if that’s too difficult for any one individual to accomplish, then maybe you and some of your co-workers can get together and bargain collectively or something.

      • I have, and I will. And if not, I will go find a better deal, on my and based on my merits, and a new employer (or set of customers) will choose to hire me and compensate me… voluntarily. There mill be no coercion, or threat thereof, on either end of the arrangement.

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