Next Time, Just Spit in the Food


The fast food chain Jimmy John’s doesn’t realize how fortunate they are (boldface mine):

The government is ordering a Jimmy John’s franchisee to rehire workers who were fired after putting up posters suggesting that the people making customers’ sandwiches could be ill.

In a decision dated Thursday, Aug 21, the National Labor Relations Board found that a Minnesota Jimmy John’s violated the National Labor Relations Act when it fired half a dozen workers active in a union campaign by the Industrial Workers of the World. According to the NLRB, pro-union workers, to protest their lack of paid sick days, had put up posters on community bulletin boards in the stores and in public places in the vicinity….

The NLRB disagreed. The Labor Board wrote that the posters’ claim that they lacked paid sick days “was factually accurate,” that there was no evidence the workers “acted recklessly,” and that by asking customers to call their boss and tell him they should have sick days, they “demonstrated that they were motivated by a sincere desire to improve their terms and conditions of employment.

As the title suggests, there are so many other things these workers could have done…

Enjoy your lunch!

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