Links 8/13/14

Links for you. Science:

Will AAAS get burned in the (scholarly) kitchen? (on the plus side, there will be ample opportunities for “Mr. Anderson”/Matrix references…)
Bipedal bear video is amazingly Bigfoot-ish
What is a PI responsible for?
Why Did the Americans Get the Drugs?


Who The Fck Is Campbell Brown? (must-read)
Rooster rage may have led to chicken deaths in Carlisle
Anti-Semitic double standards: the arts and the Jews
Grifters Gonna Grift
Breaking News: BDS Intellectual is #HireFired for Social Media Crimes
Forbes Names D.C. Coolest City, So Naturally Everyone Is Making Fun Of Us (worth noting that Boston crushes the arts & culture and recreation, which is a pretty accurate take; seems to overrate Boston’s food however–D.C.’s food is much better)
The Village and mortal sin
A surprising number of people change their race and ethnicity from one Census to the next
How To Cross 5 International Borders In 1 Minute Without Sweating
Hello Stranger On the Street, Could You Please Tell Me How to Take Care of My Baby?
Another Professor Punished for Anti-Israel Views
Washington Is Cool? More Like Passé
Big Thinking About ObamaCare: Wednesday Focus for August 6, 2014

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2 Responses to Links 8/13/14

  1. colnago80 says:

    Until 10 minutes ago, I never heard of this putz. However, during his sojourn at VPU, he has apparently engaged in what can only be described as a series of antisemitic rants. The Un. of Illinois should have been aware of his record in this regard before they offered him a position.

    As to the issue of academic freedom, the Un. of Illinois is under no obligation to hire him. In no way, shape, form, or regard is the failure to hire him a violation of academic freedom. Now if VPU had attempted to fire him, that would be a different kettle of fish and, unless there was proof of support for terrorist organizations, would probably be such a violation. In this regard, he would have been in the same position as notorious Holocaust denier Arthur Butz at Northwestern.

    By the way, as a resident of Virginia, I am appalled that I contributed to this miscreant’s salary at a state university.

    The attached link details some of his atrocious tweets but the headline concerning the issue of tenure is misleading. Salaita was never officially hired by the Un. of Illinois and hence the tenure issue is irrelevant.

  2. Paddy O'Furniture says:

    How sad that jews are being hounded from the arts. Next thing you know, they will be slaughtered for their skins and converted into tasteful Art Deco lampshades.

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