Links 8/10/14

Links for you. Science:

Let Me Fix That For You, Neil Hall
Neil deGrasse Tyson is right about GMOs: You should, in fact, chill out
What we need to fight Ebola
The Fishy Origins of the Fish Oil Craze: A widely cited, foundational study does not say what people say it does.


Is ‘shareholder value’ bad for business? It sounds like great management philosophy—but critics say we need to get back to a broader vision of the purpose of corporations (must-read)
Lazy Corporate Monopolies Are Why America Can’t Have Nice Things
Nuclear weapons lab employee fired after publishing scathing critique of the arms race: Los Alamos lets a 17-year employee go after retroactively classifying his published article
This is the simplest, most effective way to attack poverty: If people don’t have enough money, let’s give them some
DC students may find themselves stumped by Common Core tests next year
It’s Amazing How Many More Commuters Would Drive Less if They Didn’t Get Free Parking
When separate doors for the poor are more than they seem
Dogged Persistence Pays Off, With Interest
Adventures in ‘Prior Authorization’
Michigan township rebels after new chief beefs up police force
Anti-Choice Groups Increasingly Reveal Their Anti-Contraception Agenda
Fact-checking Campbell Brown: What she said, what research really shows
Pushback from the Little People
Legislatures taking state education into their own hands

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