Links 7/19/14

Links for you. Science:

Cambridge Working Group Consensus Statement on the Creation of Potential Pandemic Pathogens (PPPs)
Lizard “Sees” With Its Skin For Automatic Camouflage
How not to make your papers replicable
Do trans-fat bans save lives?


Why more psychological therapy would cost nothing
Why so many kids can’t sit still in school today
A Former Comcast Employee Explains That Horrifying Customer Service Call
Tobacco is still America’s top health threat. But Washington doesn’t treat it that way.
Tenure haters’ big delusion: Why Campbell Brown and co. are wrong about teaching
Kentucky Republican Introduces Amendment To Gut D.C.’s Gun Laws
Audit: Boston Redevelopment Authority? Kinda more like Broken Redevelopment Authority
Seedy tale: Chinese researchers stole patented corn, U.S. prosecutors allege
Juice is not natural (!!!)
Rallying Cry for D.C.’s NEMBYs: “No Embassies In My Back Yard” (I’m very curious to hear what the DC technobrats think about this)
Security Detail for Fed Chairwoman Irks Neighbors: Residents in Gated Community Say Commotion Surrounding Yellen Is Disrupting Neighborhood

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