Links 7/6/14

Links for you. Science:

Vaccine Refusal Myths Drive Up Development Costs, Prices
Caribbean coral reefs ‘will be lost within 20 years’ without protection: Major report warns that loss of grazing fish due to pollution and overfishing is a key driver of region’s coral decline
This Adorable Weasel-Like Animal Is Reclaiming Territory In The US And Growing Larger
The Creature Feature: 10 Fun Facts About the Echidna


Inside the Wild, Shadowy, and Highly Lucrative Bail Industry: How $550 and a five-day class gets you the right to stalk, arrest, and shoot people.
The time KIPP was booed off the stage at TFA
From Hobby Lobby to Climate Change: How the Media Enables the Right-wing’s Politicization of Science
Supreme Court Now Playing Cute PR Games With Hobby Lobby Decision
How Hobby Lobby Undermined The Very Idea of a Corporation
Note to Arne Duncan from a Special Education Teacher in Florida
Why the NRA Is Staying Silent on Target’s Gun Ban
Utah: AIR’s Absurdly Long Common Core Tests (“I have tried to let parents know how ridiculously long these tests are. I have now been told that I cannot do that, or the state will take discipline against my license. So how do parents even know what is being done to their children?”)
The next Supreme Court nominee should not be…
Worse than Michelle Rhee: Teachers and public schools have a shocking new enemy: George W Bush’s education secretary called teacher unions terrorist organizations. Post-Vergara, do liberals agree?
Biblical birth control: The surprisingly contraception-friendly Old Testament
Teachers Deserve Due Process

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