Links 7/1/14

Links for you. Science:

For Rangers on the Front Lines of Anti-Poaching Wars, Daily Trauma (unsung heroes of conservation biology)
Avoiding “Sagan Syndrome.” Why Astronomers and Journalists should pay heed to Biologists about ET.
Empowering Consumers through Accurate Genomic Tests
Even the Editor of Facebook’s Mood Study Thought It Was Creepy
Moleculo Technology is Available as TruSeq Synthetic Long-Read DNA Library Prep Kits


Living in a Fool’s Paradise
Will Walsh boot a chance to boost housing in Hyde Park?
Missing the Full Picture of Voters Attitudes on Public Education
My Wife’s Abortion v. Your Free Speech
Understanding McKinsey
Everything I Fucked Up While Trying to Eat Like Gwyneth for a Week
Why do I only get 10 minutes with my doctor?
Winning With Black Votes Is Somehow Illegitimate: It’s a notion that goes all the way back to the election of President Ulysses S. Grant.
Pretty little liars: Tammy Bruce’s all gal-pal semi-truthy journalism club
45 Years After Stonewall, the LGBT Movement Has a Transphobia Problem
The Dirty, Little Secret in America’s Education Wars? Money Matters. Spending more money on schools is what most people really want. Yet what we’ve been seeing is a ‘reform’ agenda that emphasizes anything but.

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