Links 6/21/14

Links for you. Science:

Girls just don’t wanna have fun at conferences
Last-gen nostalgia: a lighthearted rant and reflection on genome sequencing culture
US Travelers Return Home With Tropical Disease. Will It Spread In The States?
Problem: climate change. Solution: kangaroos?


Metro’s hot cars: What to look for, and avoid
Every year, we waste Spain
Public school kids, then and now
Thoughts on Robert Skidelsky’s Manifesto for the Reform of the Anglo-Saxon Economics Curriculum
Children of the Lord
Closing the behavior gap
Billionaires Behind the Attack on Public Education in California Tenure Suit
Rent, Rent Control, and Economic Rents
The big money and profits behind the push for charter schools

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  1. Victoria Leonard says:

    Great article about Girls Not Wanting to have Fun. Thanks for the link to it and the Metro Car piece.

    Got into a discussion at the Farmer’s Mkt where they sell cheese from raw milk about the safety of raw milk because of your site. 60 days makes the cheese safe but the sellers continued to rave about raw milk.

    Keep it up.

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