Links 6/16/14

Links for you. Science:

The Scariest Thing About the Food You Eat
How Scare Tactics on GMO Foods Hurt Everybody
Look beyond pest species to find beauty in cockroaches
Adaptive synonymous mutations in an experimentally evolved Pseudomonas fluorescens population


Getting rid of teacher tenure does not solve the problem
On Iraq, let’s ignore those who got it all wrong
Harvard professor challenges school’s denial of tenure
My Dirty Little Secret: I Ride the Rails to Read
Why We Sleep Together
The Nightmare on Connected Home Street

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1 Response to Links 6/16/14

  1. The GMO link is a propaganda line and not really science or science advocacy. It’s more of the kind of “progressive development” rhetoric that gets bad idea dams built in the third world.

    There is a lot of this sort of essentially spam going around on blogs and in comments of blogs. Labelling promotes corporate accountability, which is the real issue, since opposition mostly has to do with legal/monopoly/monopsony/bad agricultural practices rather than toxins. The ecology part is just wrong–just ask any organic farmer about BT and its decline as a safe pesticide (as well as gmo corn’s/other crops indiscriminate poisoning of valuable insects. And when the talk goes inevitably onto the golden rice shtick, just remember:

    Seriously, not the most ethical people are behind this stuff. Not unreasonable to label food as a means of holding people accountable through inchoate mass consumer decisions that can’t be stopped without a genuine conversation with consumers.

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