One Quick Way to End Open Carry

From the Great State of Texas, we read the following:

A 60-year-old Collin County woman, who asked not to be identified, said she was driving to a mall in March when she saw men with guns on a State Highway 121 overpass. She did not know they were Open Carry members, and she called Plano police.

Kinda like those “If You See Something, Say Something” campaigns. Anyway, you’ll never guess what happened next!

Several weeks later, an Open Carry supporter posted her name and phone number on YouTube. She began to receive threatening texts and calls, she said.

“They were calling me names I haven’t heard since I was in middle school,” she said. “They were calling me a whore and all kinds of nasty names. … I think there’s some really crazy, unstable people out there.”

She added: “I grew up in rural Texas, where all my family were hunters and gun people. I’m not anti-gun. But a real man and a real hunter would never, ever carry an assault weapon intimidating people.”

How are we supposed to know the difference between lunatics and law-abiding citizens? In light of the reaction to the above good citizen, the signal-to-noise is higher than we would like, I think. Besides, all those white people look alike:


And what if these guys were openly carrying:

(members of the Miami Heat wearing hoodies in solidarity in Trayvon Martin)

I’m guessing there might be less support for open carry. Just a thought. Could be wrong though.

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2 Responses to One Quick Way to End Open Carry

  1. Min says:

    How are we supposed to tell the difference? I dunno, but the guy on the right looks like a wannabe to me. 😉

  2. Open carry is a white man issue for the most part. White men feel they are losing their traditional place as the leaders of society and that more and more people who aren’t like them are “taking over” or “taking our streets” or other such nonsense. The fact is in some of our western states where open carry is the norm, the only people I ever see practicing this are white and typically male. I think every other ethnicity knows that were they to practice open carry they would be inviting violence, as they would be assumed criminals by many (yes the country is racist and very much so). BUT I think maybe the opposite tactic would be justified as well. The Black Panther Party espoused adherence to the second amendment and open carry for very similar reasons but their communities WERE ACTUALLY under attack by racist elements in society and law enforcement. The purposes of open carry are always the same: ease of access to killing power of course but specifically with open carry it is intimidation. Many states have concealed weapons permits which should be enough if one is worried about their own safety all the time but to carry openly is a statement of intention and perspective: I will kill you if you threaten me.

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