Links 5/21/14

Links for you. Science:

Reading Between the Lines about Scientists (excellent)
The Scientific Cost of War
The Daily Show on Finding New Antibiotics
FDR and the single-gene experiment
Are US researchers slowly boiled frogs? – or thinking out of the box about the future of NSF


How Wall Street recruits so many insecure Ivy League grads (wrote about this years ago)
Prayer as politics by other means
Rick Santorum’s single-payer birth control
Archaeologists believe they have found remains of the legendary Hell Hound of Suffolk
The Purpose of Charter School Waiting Lists and Lotteries
Arne Duncan’s reaction to new research slamming teacher evaluation method he favors
The 9/11 museum’s absurd gift shop
Dear Jill: From One Pushy Media Dame to Another
A Rather Embarrassing Night for Psychic Sally in Middlesbrough
The girl who made Brown v. Board of Education possible: Sixty years after the landmark SCOTUS decision, the story of Barbara Rose Johns remains largely untold. Until now
My Incredible, Bogus Adventure With ‘Operation American Spring’
Doctor’s Salaries Are Not the Big Cost
The Elderly as a Source of Profit
Maggie Mahar: How Doctors Stymie the Wishes of the Elderly

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  1. Bayesian Bouffant, FCD says:

    A Rather Embarrassing Night for Psychic Sally in Middlesbrough

    Very interesting.

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