Links 5/17/14

Links for you. Science:

Still academia?
Boom and bust instability in NIH funding
Yellow boxfish – Cute little swimming cubes
Why Red M&M’s Disappeared for a Decade
Dear American Gut & uBiome: You Have Some Explaining To Do.


A Question About Southern Culture and the Confederate Flag
12 Reasons Why Bars in the Movies Are Totally Unrealistic
Blackwater Walks Free: Good American soldiers died in the wake of the violent backlash unleashed because of Blackwater’s action in Iraq.
Cops Walk In Philly Bodega-Robbery Scandal
What’s wrong with the comics industry?
The cost of not caring: Nowhere to go
Think like an economist?
Schooled: Cory Booker, Chris Christie, and Mark Zuckerberg had a plan to reform Newark’s schools. They got an education.
6 reasons to reject Common Core K-3 standards — and 6 rules to guide policy
Marco Rubio Denies Climate Change While His Hometown Drowns
Twenty years of schooling and they put you on the day shift
Shit’s Getting Real Out West
San Francisco Rides the $15 Wave
Does a higher minimum wage make people happier?
Bush Revisionism Is Back: Why You Should Not Fall for this Lame and Dangerous Ploy (this Reminder seems appropriate)
What happened to Jill Abramson shows everything that sucks about being a woman leader

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