Links 5/7/14

Links for you. Science:

The Man Who Rewrote the Tree of Life
How Not to Be Misled by the Jobs Report (I put this here because it has a really nice graphic of what confidence intervals mean)
Overselling the microbiome award: Time Magazine and Martin Blaser for “antibiotics are extinguishing our microbiome”
The “Apolitical” Science Segments On Fox News Are All Too Political
Neanderthals were not inferior to modern humans


An Empire in Decline, City by City, Town by Town (excellent)
Andrew Sullivan Wins An Undie (fucking brilliant)
Dealing with the press
DCF an agency of awful realities
Inconvenient truths in Gerry Adams case
Wasting One Life Away
Vacation relaxation
Pointless and immoral drug war causing police to get away with literal highway robbery
What Makes Labor Costs Different? Control.
The West Wing as an Example of Our Crippling Deference to Tradition
Music legend Steve Albini says the Internet is the best thing to happen to music since punk
Reporter is caught writing ‘blah blah blah blah’ in notebook while Senate candidate rambles on
Sorry, Newsweek, But You’re wrong About Louis C. K.

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