Links 4/11/14 (and Programming Note)

I’m taking something resembling a vacation, but, don’t worry, like the Mighty River Jordan, the blog will keep rolling on (actually, if you’ve ever seen the Jordan river, it’s not very impressive). Anyway, links for you. Science:

Correlation: neither everything nor nothing
Fearing Punishment for Bad Genes
Overcoming Resistance: In the face of bacterial threats that can evade modern medicines, researchers are trying every trick in the book to develop new, effective antibiotics.
Reared by puppets: To breed condors in captivity, we must pull on the strings of nature. But does that matter if we save a species?
‘Staggering’ experiment brings hope for those with paralysis (amazing)


Responding to Karin Klein of the LA Times’ ‘Why my family is opting out of the Common Core testing’ (education reform for thee, but not for me)
Charter School “Success”: There’s ALWAYS a Catch (must-read)
The Real Problem with High-Frequency Trading
“You white people” arguments are racist and unhelpful
The murderous history of USAID, the US Government agency behind Cuba’s fake Twitter clone
Head Of Top Conservative Think Tank Makes Spectacularly Uninformed Statement About Slavery
Recipe for Passover profiteroles
The Shopping Mall’s Socialist Pre-History
‘America is moving toward a caste society’
Mayor Walsh says he aims to block dispensaries (it’s worth noting that Walsh’s position is quite popular; there’s a difference between not wanting to imprison an entire generation on possession charges and approving of the activity)
This Japanese toilet should make Americans very worried
Some more ways that racism is hurting black Americans

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