Links 4/4/14

Links for you. Science:

End the Hype over Epigenetics & Lamarckian Evolution
8 Realities of the Sequencing GWAS
Dear parents, you are being lied to.
Statistical Flaw Punctuates Brain Research in Elite Journals
p-value weirdness in a world of big data


Was Marx Right?
Dear Harvard: You Win
The Myth Of A ‘Skills Gap’ And Our Phony ‘Education Crisis’
Startups Anonymous: “What I’d Really Like to Say to Investors”
Putin wants Finland, Baltic states, says former top adviser
Dashed Ikea Dreams Show Decades Lost to Bribery in Ukraine
The Desperation of the Vanishing Middle Class (like my Uncle Harry used to say, rich or poor, it’s always good to have money)
A response to Paul Ryan
11 Cutting-Edge Thinkers That Anthropologists Should Be Paying Attention to Right Now! (funny)
When Hashtag Activism Totally Lost Its Narrative
Slumlord Wannabe Blackstone Violates Local Housing Laws by Making Tenants Maintain Rentals
David Dayen: How Chase Bank Denying Services to a Condom Shop Is Really About Deregulating Payday Lending
Obamacare, The Unknown Ideal (made this point over four years ago)

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  1. paintedjaguar says:

    Look. I get why Medicare-for-all is a convenient slogan. But it’s one that may confuse the issue enough to enable another public option type debacle, that is if Obamacare hasn’t already killed any chance for real healthcare the US..US-style Medicare is NOT a single payer system! Here’s why —

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