Nearly Thirteen Years After Sept. 11, 2001, Nothing Has Changed

In spite of all the ‘never again’ that occurred after Sept. 11, 2001, the Boston Marathon bombings show that we have learned nothing since then (boldface mine):

A sharply critical congressional report on Wednesday said federal officials suffered multiple communication failures in the year before the Boston Marathon bombing and called on authorities to significantly tighten up scrutiny of “hot lists’’ of potential terrorism suspects when they embark on foreign travel…

Although the report stops short of blaming any particular agency for failing to focus more attention on Tsarnaev, it paints a damning portrait of a lack of coordination between them. And it casts doubt on assertions by the FBI and other agencies that greater attention on Tsarnaev would not have prevented the bombings.

“The committee is . . . concerned that officials are asserting that this attack could not have been prevented, without compelling evidence to confirm that is the case,” the report said.

“There were opportunities in which greater sharing of information might have altered the course of events,” the document adds. “Such failures must not be allowed to persist.”

… Another key finding: the FBI needs to do a better job of sharing information about potential terror suspects with local police. A Boston Police Department investigator was assigned to the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force in Boston, but the officer’s ability to handle information was severely restricted. The FBI’s task force agreement required the Boston investigator to seek FBI approval before sharing tips and other intelligence with superiors outside the task force.

It’s pretty clear that the initial lackluster investigation into the triple homicide linked to Tsarnaev wouldn’t have been so lackluster had that information been shared.

Meanwhile, the billions spent on resource integration centers were used to monitor non-violent vagrants (Occupy) and pacifist grandmothers (Code Pink), neither of which tried to murder me.

We have learned nothing from Sept. 11, 2001.

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2 Responses to Nearly Thirteen Years After Sept. 11, 2001, Nothing Has Changed

  1. albanaeon says:

    Hmmph. It’s increasingly apparent that our response to 9/11 had nothing to do with actually preventing terrorist incidents. And honestly, why would the Powers That Be want that? Preventing terrorism would require a hard look at our Foreign Policy and the standing idea that America Wins, no matter what, an assessment of who’s actually our ally (hint: not Saudi Arabia and elements of Israel) and our enemy (probably not Iran), and that a big fricken military is not exactly the most diplomatic thing in the world. It probably would also include a hard look at our neo-mercantilism and say unfavorable things about certain blocks of power in this country (say the “Pro-Life” (ha) movement). All things that are not popular with the powerbrokers, then or now.

    What did we do instead. Turn it into an excuse for more military, less diplomacy. More wars, less domestic spending. More fear, less certainty. All in all, a widespread empowerment of the fascist elements of our society, to the detriment of everyone else.

    Yeah America 2.0.

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