Links 3/30/14

Links for you. Science:

Hypothesis Overdrive? (excellent)
The pseudo-science of Alcoholics Anonymous: There’s a better way to treat addiction
Power Lines Look Like Terrifying Bursts of Light to Animals
Whitehead, Biogen team up on drug research (interesting to read about how the Whitehead is funded)
Are we doing FAKEPHY? REALPHY paper in MBE and the ‘inaccuracy’ of phylogenies based on whole genome SNPs identified by mapping to a reference
Remembering How to Fight Measles


What If Everything You Knew About Poverty Was Wrong?
Screw stigma. I’m coming out. I’ve kept it to myself for years, but now I believe the only way to fight the stigma of mental illness is to talk about my own.
10 Poverty Myths, Busted: No, single moms aren’t the problem. And neither are absentee dads.
TurboTax Maker Funnels Millions To Lobby Against Easier Tax Returns
What We Can Learn From the Embarrassing #CancelColbert Shitstorm
Just The Facts
The 5 Cities Where It’s Easiest — and Hardest — to Walk to the Grocery Store
Postscript: Jonathan Schell, 1943-2014
Boston’s most arcane insurer
What’s the Best Way to Execute Someone? Doctors say lethal injection is often botched and horrific.
Stephen Colbert (apparently) must be destroyed
Hobby Lobby’s secret agenda: How it’s quietly funding a vast right-wing movement

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