Links 3/28/14

Links for you. Science:

JGI Aims to Move Beyond Sequencing, Become ‘Cutting Edge’ Genomics Facility
Nothing more obnoxious than a physicist first encountering a new subject (perhaps economists too…)
Homeopathy Company Recalls Products Because They Might Contain Antibiotics
The Mosquito breeder (once knew someone who drove cross-country with a bunch of bird lice feeding on his arm)
Why are many academics on short-term contracts for years? More than a third of academics are on temporary contracts as universities casualise their workforces


This Is Not a Solution; This Is the Problem. (excellent)

Is Liberalism Good for Your Health?
(the sick day data are interesting, not sure I buy the rest)
Do These People Live In This World, Know Actual Humans (I’ve just always chalked this up to bitter people who aren’t getting any)
“God Does Not Regard the Fetus as a Soul”: Conservative evangelicals didn’t always care much about abortion or contraception. The strange story of how they came to be obsessed with them.
Ten Great Military Leaders, Probably Cranky Ones
Incompetent Scheming Is Just as Bad As Competent Scheming
Do You Have a 2-Body Problem? Yes, You Do [Poll Results]
North Korea: Men required to get Kim Jong-un haircuts (“Let us trim our hair in accordance with the Socialist lifestyle”)
The Boston Public Library Is Now Streaming Movies and Music for Free
Trying to Close a Knowledge Gap, Word by Word
Cue the familiar old tripe (snark aside, that so many students don’t have access to many courses is shameful)

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