Links 3/19/14

Links for you. Science:

Why You Should Care That Sea Cucumbers Are Going Extinct
Behold, the TITCHY T-REX that prowled the warm Arctic of long ago
Forests Around Chernobyl Aren’t Decaying Properly. It wasn’t just people, animals and trees that were affected by radiation exposure at Chernobyl, but also the decomposers: insects, microbes, and fungi
This would make a great Nick Kristof column
Researcher reveals how “Computer Geeks” replaced “Computer Girls” (“I don’t know of any other field, outside of teaching, where there’s as much opportunity for a woman.”)


Comparing Oak Trees’ “Apples to Apples,” by Stanford’s Edward Haertel (excellent)
Netflix’s Reed Hastings has a big idea: Kill elected school boards
Golden Rice Opponents Should Be Held Accountable for Health Problems Linked to Vitamain A Deficiency
Crisis stirs old fears for Ukraine’s Jews
Linda Dorcena Forry rescues breakfast
How grand hotels shaped modern life (and not just as a Wes Anderson set)
Why Republicans Don’t Get the Benefit of the Doubt on Race
What Does The Netflix Guy Have To Say About Public Education?
Futuristic City/Landscape Art (amazing art)
Are American students grossly unprepared for college? (at this point, education reformers are just making stuff up)
Rideshare (this is the intelligent criticism of the Seattle vote)
A Campaign Inquiry in Utah Is the Watchdogs’ Worst Case
This Is The Most Plausible Theory For The Plane’s Disappearance We’ve Heard Yet…

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  1. Bayesian Bouffant, FCD says:

    This Is The Most Plausible Theory For The Plane’s Disappearance We’ve Heard Yet…

    An MH370 theory that was simple, compelling and wrong

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