Links 3/15/14

Links for you. Science:

Why I vaccinate my kids
Google Flu Trends gets it wrong three years running (decline effect!)
Dangerous infection result of overprescribing antibiotics in kids, CDC says
Clinical Interpretation and Implications of Whole-Genome Sequencing (“the use of WGS was associated with incomplete coverage of inherited disease genes, low reproducibility of detection of genetic variation with the highest potential clinical effects, and uncertainty about clinically reportable findings”)
House bill would cut social science funding by 42 percent


Why the Fed Hates Inflation: 1.2 Trillion Dollars of Why
(Probably) Refusing to Quit
Bill Black Slams New York Times for Wink and Nod Endorsement of Criminal Conduct
My High School No Longer Holds Dances Because Students Would Rather Stay Home And Text Each Other
Far from the Wolf of Wall Street: how did young people become so risk averse? Today’s bankers have replaced the excesses of the 1980s with Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations (related thoughts here)
The responsibility of adjunct intellectuals
The “Paid-What-You’re-Worth” Myth
More on Ryan and Murray
Virginia KKK Fliers: We’re Not The Enemy Of ‘The Colored And Mongrel Races’
The Real Debate Isn’t About “Life” But About What We Expect Of Women
Buffett gets the better of everyone, version 4,762
Tea Partier: You’ll Go To Hell if You Vote for Common Core
Ukraine: the Enemy of Your Enemy is Not Always Your Friend
No One Does Charter School Stupid Like the Star-Ledger

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