Links 3/7/14

Links for you. Science:

The obesity rate for children has not plumeted
Google joins the Global Alliance for Genomics and Health
When should the university stop supporting a lab?
700-Year-Old Poop Tracks History of Human Gut Microbes
A New Generation of American Chestnut Trees May Redefine America’s Forests
New White House Budget: NIH funding will not be restored to pre-sequester levels


The Doomsday Cult of Bitcoin (Bitcoin is a commodity not a currency)
We’ve gone too far with ‘trigger warnings’: Universities and blogs do students no favors by pretending that every piece of offensive content comes with a warning sign
Man vs. Sea: The Quest for the Perfect Armor Is Nearly Complete
Michele Bachmann To Jews: “They Sold Out Israel”
Saturday Mornings With Abortion Protestors: On Being a Clinic Escort
A public option for banking: We already have one, it’s a major success, and we can use the post office to expand it rapidly
Ukrainian-Russian Tensions Dividing U.S. Citizens Along Ignorant, Apathetic Lines
Our Mister Brooks And The Messianic Mr. Putin
Ukraine, Putin, and the West
The Big Lie about Mayor Bill de Blasio and Charters
The Omaha Platform: Launching the Populist Party
Major Changes in SAT Announced by College Board
Oops: The Texas Miracle That Isn’t
Probably The Teachers’ Fault

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