Links 3/4/14

Links for you. Science:

How Academia and Publishing are Destroying Scientific Innovation: A Conversation with Sydney Brenner (excellent read for all)
Antimicrobial resistance in The Netherlands: a natural experiment?
An outsiders guide to bacterial genome sequencing on the Pacific Biosciences RS
Triaged Grants (and a Passover Lesson)
Data sharing is always good, right? Well, not quite…


It’s All Snowden’s Fault
Why GOP Loses Elections: The GOP Platform
Charters School USA Founder Won’t Put his Own Children In His Schools
Why test-based school reform isn’t working — by the numbers
It’s About Slavery, Stupid: Need proof the Civil War was about slavery? Refer to this guide
Bill Maher and Bill Moyers Give Fox News Zombies Heart Attacks Over Ronnie Raygun
Twitter I Love You But You’re Bringing Me Down: Learning to live on the net
Teach For America’s unspoken alliance with the one percent (and these are particulars of that alliance)
Why College Supply Matters
It’s not complicated, just chill
‘Miscarriage Management’: The Next Front in the Abortion Wars
New East Boston branch library is wide open to all
No, Vladimir Putin Is Not a Cunning Geopolitical Chess Player (this was inevitable–Putin has no choice)

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