Links 2/19/14

Links for you. Science:

Goodbye Academia (“I also love my wife, and if she had treated me the way academia treats its scientists, I would have left her long ago.”)
Dengue: Why You Need to Know About It
The one and only Oxford Nanopore talk at AGBT 2014 – with real data
Why I read the network nonsense papers
On the scalability of statistical procedures: why the p-value bashers just don’t get it.


Conservatives Concerned About the CBO and the Dignity of Work Should Consider a Higher Minimum Wage
The Silicon Valley Labor Scandals Prove Minimum Wage Hikes Don’t Cost Jobs
Wall St shorts economists
10 Common Misconceptions About The Flipped Classroom
Fighting the Last Macro War?
Comcast’s Time Warner Deal Is Bad for America
The Powerball lottery: is it really a stupidity tax?
Are Unemployed Professors Writing Student Papers for Employed Professors?
Political Hatred in Argentina
Does Anyone Else Realize The Federal Debt Ceiling Was ELIMINATED? (SPEND ALL THE MUNIES! NAO!)
Putin Plays the World for Suckers, and Wins: The real meaning of today’s arrest of two members of Pussy Riot
Ladonia: An Illegally Created Nation Where Creativity Rules
Do Liberals Want to Kill Iron Man?
The Five Myths of American Incarceration (though regarding myth #3, an arrest for pot is a precondition to entering the ‘criminal track’)

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