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I Don’t Understand Modern U.S. Journalism

There was a minor kerfuffle over a story written by reporter Laura Dimon about Flint, Michigan that received a lot of criticism from the residents of Flint. While the coverage focused on Laura Dimon’s father, Jamie Dimon, head of JPMorgan, … Continue reading

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Guns Still Make You Stupid

A while ago, I discussed a near shooting in Back Bay, Boston, one of the toniest neighborhoods in the city: So this happened in Back Bay, Boston (boldface mine): Officers spoke with the victim in front of 85 Marlborough Street … Continue reading

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Links 1/24/14

Links for you. Science: Hanging up their labcoats: Australia’s new brain drain The most important disease you’ve never heard of Valley of the other kings: Lost dynasty found in Egypt 7 reasons why the NextSeq 500 is a strange choice … Continue reading

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What with the snow, things have been getting kinda crazy with people saving parking spaces: in much of Boston, there’s a tradition of people ‘holding’ spaces they’ve shoveled out by placing something like a lawn chair in the spot. Fair … Continue reading

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Boston, San Francisco, and The Bonfire of The Vanities

Over the last year, San Francisco seems to be undergoing a real knock-out, drag-down fight over that city’s rising cost of living, which to a considerable extent, is driven by housing prices. What I don’t understand is the intense anger … Continue reading

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Links 1/23/14

Links for you. Science: Genome Sequencing Highlights the Dynamic Early History of Dogs (technical article, but relatively easy to read, especially the introduction and discussion, for non-specialists) Bacteriophages and the spread of antimicrobial resistance Smithsonian dinosaur hall to close April … Continue reading

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Pictures From Boston’s Recent Snow Event

I can’t really call it a storm as we had about three inches of light powder, but it still made for nice pictures. Commonwealth Avenue, between Dartmouth and Exeter: The Vendome:

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Things We All Know About Education Yet Are Not True: The Thomas Friedman Edition

The Great Pornstache of Understanding recently scrivened this: In fact, it was a feel-bad speech, asking one big question. Are we falling behind as a country in education not just because we fail to recruit the smartest college students to … Continue reading

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Links 1/22/14

Links for you. Science: A New Funding Model for Scientists Chikungunya Virus Makes Inroads into the Americas Is the $1,000 genome for real? With the release of the HiSeq X Ten, genetic-sequencing company Illumina attempts to cement market dominance. Repositories … Continue reading

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Public Health Changes at Boston’s City Hall

Boston Mayor Martin Walsh is changing how the Public Health Commission fits into Boston’s city government (boldface mine): This week, Walsh named former city councilor Felix G. Arroyo as chief of a consolidated Health and Human Services Department. Walsh’s current … Continue reading

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