Links 6/20/12

Links for you. Science:

Pheidole roosevelti
Rethinking Antibody-Drug Conjugates
Galápagos Monday: Lynn’s Tortoises
Growing Up on Zoloft – Talking Drugs, Depression, and Identity With Katherine Sharpe
As America Grows More Polarized, Conservatives Increasingly Reject Science and Rational Thought


What Are the Gobshites Saying These Days? (must-read; hysterical)
The Efficiency Fairy and Inflation Goblins (excellent point about efficiency über alles)
Hub stricken by cupcake mania
The War on Old Folks
The US should have universal public health care
Louisiana’s “School Performance Score” Doesn’t Measure School Performance (and poverty accounts for 64% of the variance in absolute scores. Just saying)
On being a liberal economics blogger
Long Commute Takes Away From Healthy Activities, Study Suggests
Five Important Facts About Public Employees
Mitt Romney Entwined with Players In Stanford Ponzi Scheme
Five Ridiculously Reformy “Copy & Paste” Policies & Why They’re Misguided
FICTITIOUS TIMES! Does anything we read make sense?
Think Before You Breed (she’s going to catch so much shit over this….)
Bringing the battlefield to the border
Rejecting anything seen as “liberal” reaches another fun low
Soda: Ban it? Nah. Tax it? Yep.

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