Links 1/24/14

Links for you. Science:

Hanging up their labcoats: Australia’s new brain drain
The most important disease you’ve never heard of
Valley of the other kings: Lost dynasty found in Egypt
7 reasons why the NextSeq 500 is a strange choice
We did what? Authors retract paper after forgetting they’d published the same study elsewhere


Japanese Economic Mythbusting (very interesting; identifies many Things We Know Yet Are Not True™)
Yes: Nothing (must-read)
Latest Pushback to The White House Photo Op: President “That Guy” Meets the Millennials
Obama’s NSA Speech: Review Without Review, Reform Without Reform
The Trouble With Chris Christie
Words for a liberal education reformer
‘Most Interesting Man’ takes land mine role: The Vermont actor who found fame as the Dos Equis ad star has a new global pitch: dismantling land mines
Russian anti-gay serial kidnapper Maxim Martsinkevich arrested in Cuba
The influence of Michelle Rhee and Chris Christie: Education reformers’ revolving door. New group probes connections between for-profit education corporations and federal policymakers
Rick Berman Aims At Teachers Union President, Makes It Personal
Why pay for your kids when you can buy a legislator instead? (fucking unbelievable; what the hell happened to Wisconsin?)
Civility, Again, is the Prize
De Blasio’s Vision: Zero Traffic Deaths
Sometimes ‘Nazi’ Is the Right Word

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